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List of Top Satellite Antenna Manufacturers

Newstar Antenna                         2023-04-25

Whether you want to buy satellite antennas or telemetry antennas, both overseas brands and Chinese brand antennas are your best choice. There are differernt  advantages to choosing an antenna that being made in China or other countries. These advantages include price, quality, transportation and delivery. So if you are looking for an antenna manufacturer, then I suggest you read this article carefully. This article will give you an introduction to well-known antenna brands both overseas and  in China. 


1. CPI Satcom &Antenna Technologies Division

satellite antenna

Company Profile

is a leading end-to-end provider of ground-based satellite communications products; auto-tracking data link antennas for land, sea and air; high precision scientific and satellite terminals; and services. 

Address: 811 Hansen Way, Palo Alto, CA 94304-1031 USA

Tel: +1 (650) 846-2900

Fax: +1 (650) 846-3276


2. C-COM

satellite antenna

Company Profile

C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of commercial grade, fully motorized, auto-pointing mobile antennas (iNetVu®) for the delivery of broadband Internet to remote locations.

C-COM has developed Comm-on-the-Pause (COTP) antennas that operate in all major satellite bands (Ka, Ku, C, and X-band), in sizes (from 75cm to 2.4M) and in various formats (Driveaway, Flyaway and Fixed Motorized).



3. Global Skyware 

satellite antenna

Company Profile

Global Skyware is the only supplier with a wide range of antennas and outdoor electronics (DTH, Consumer Broadband, VSAT, Enterprise).

Skyware Global, formerly known as Raven Group, Ltd. was one of the world largest suppliers of Consumer Broadband and VSAT antennas. The company was since 2008 operating as a subsidiary of Satellite Holdings, LLC.

Skybrokers offers for more the 10 years Global Skyware mainly new VSAT antennas. The Skyware Global VSAT antennas are sold to satellite service providers, telecom operators, governmental organizations and disaster recovery. We supported recently a client with a network rollout of Skyware Global VSAT antennas.

Address: Skybrokers BV, Orionlaan 102, 1223 AK Hilversum, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)35 642 48 08

Mobile: +31 (0)6 305 36 169



4. Shaanxi Newstar Communications Equipment Co., Ltd

antenna manufacturer

Company Profile

Shaanxi Newstar, established in 2008, provides microwave wireless converged communication network solutions including satellite communication antenna R&D, production supply, system integration, installation, commissioning, training and operational services to ISP’s (Internet Service Providers), broadcasters, satellite network operators and system integrators

Main products: C, Ku, Ka band satellite earth station antennas, other types of antennas and customized products

Get in touch with them in the following ways.

Address: Shaanxi, China

Phone: +86-29-85339282

Fax: +86-29-85339281





Nowadays, it is not easy to find an excellent antenna manufacturer, because the technologies of various antenna manufacturers both in domestic or overseas are catching up with each other. We hope that you will  find suitable supplier after different  brands products comparasion

If you have purchasing needs, you can contact us. We will provide the best solution and hope to be your reliable partner.

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