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What Type of Earth Station Do You Need?

Newstar                         2022-04-14

earth station antenna types

What is a Satellite Communication Earth Station?

Satellite communication earth station: A microwave station that can transmit information through communication satellites on the earth, on the water surface and in the air is a satellite communication earth station. referred to as the earth station.

Users connect to satellite communication lines through satellite communication earth stations to communicate with each other. The main business is telephone, telegraph, fax, telex, television and data transmission.


Earth Station Antenna Types

The basic components of a typical satellite communication earth station include an antenna system, high-power transmitting system, low-noise receiving system, channel terminal system, power supply system, and monitoring system. In order to realize the communication between users, a ground interface system, an information transmission system, and an information exchange center are also required.


Earth stations are classified in different ways according to different criteria.

Whether the Earth Station Can Be Moved

According to whether the earth station can move, the earth station is divided into:

1. Fixed earth station: a satellite communication earth station with a fixed location of the earth station;

2. Mobile earth station: an earth station that is installed on vehicles, ships, and planes, and communicates through satellites while moving.

3. Portable earth station: It can be easily transported to the destination by car, ship, and plane, and then quickly set and adjust the earth station to start satellite communication.


By Earth Station Purpose

According to the purpose of the earth station, the earth station can be divided into:

1. Military Earth Station

2. Civil earth station

3. Meteorological earth station

4. Communication earth station

5. Broadcast Earth Station


Other Categories

The satellite communication earth station is divided into the fixed station, transportable station, and mobile station (ship-borne, vehicle-borne, and aircraft-borne) according to the way of use; according to the communication performance, it is divided into the standard station and non-standard station. The standard station is divided into four types: A, B, C, and D.

With the increasing demand for satellite communication and the rapid development of communication satellite technology, the types of satellite communication earth stations are increasing day by day, and the number is huge.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, countries around the world have been competing to develop small satellite communication earth stations that are easy to move and install, and a very small aperture communication terminal (VSAT) earth station has been developed, which has broad application prospects.


What Type of Earth Station Do You Need?

As a leading manufacturer of communication satellites, we can provide you with many types of earth station satellites. We are available in sizes 3.7M, 4.5M, 5.6M, 7.3M, and 9.1M for X-, C-, Ku-, and Ka- frequencies.

If you need to buy an earth station or for more information, please contact us!


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