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3 Ways to Find a Ground Satellite Station Manufacturer

Newstar                         2022-05-17

Find a Ground Satellite Station Manufacturer

Want to buy a ground satellite station? Don't know how to find and choose a ground satellite station manufacturer?

Read on as we explain everything you need to know about finding the right manufacturer, ensuring product compliance, drafting product spec sheets, and more in this guide.


Table of Contents

  1. Where Can I Find a Reliable Manufacturer of Ground Satellite Stations?
  2. Find Ground Satellite Station Suppliers from B2B Marketplace
  3. Google Search Engine
  4. List of Ground Satellite Station Manufacturers' Websites
  5. Advice for Buying a Ground Satellite Station


Where Can I Find a Reliable Manufacturer of Ground Satellite Stations?

Chinese online B2B marketplace

Search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more.

Ground Satellite Station Supplier List


Find Ground Satellite Station Suppliers from B2B Marketplace

You can also find ground satellite station manufacturers from online platforms.

You can search for them on B2B platforms and contact some satellite dish manufacturers to get their quotes

● Alibaba

● Global Source

● Made in China

Tip: Remember, don't write emails that are too short or too long the first time. Every day, many scammers send emails to different vendors in the B2B marketplace. So many providers ignore emails that look like spam.

Writing a concise and organized email is a must if you want a reply from the manufacturer.


Google Search Engine

Google is the world's largest search engine, you can find a large number of ground satellite station supplier websites through keyword searches. You can choose from reliable manufacturers and suppliers, and there are tens of millions of data for your reference.

This is the most recommended way.

The downside is that few manufacturers focus on internet marketing, so it's hard to find them from the top 10 search results, and you have to flip through a lot of pages to see some legitimate ground satellite station manufacturers.


List of Ground Satellite Station Manufacturers' Websites

Satellite Station Manufacturers' Websites


Kratos provides a broad range of GEO, LEO, and MEO earth stations ranging from 3.5m to 18m, plus their trademark transportable Trifold products. These antennas offer outstanding electrical performance and exceptional versatility to support multi-beam configuration, with low-PIM capability for all X-band systems.




The Viasat Real-Time Earth (RTE) service offers an all-inclusive price for a fully-managed ground network

With Viasat, satellite operators can command, downlink, and rapidly disseminate valuable GEO, LEO, and MEO data in a timely and secure manner with real-time streaming to your end point of choice. 




Radio2Space radio telescopes and ground station antenna systems are innovative instruments designed, developed and produced by PrimaLuceLab SpA, the italian company founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs Filippo Bradaschia and Omar Cauz to bring to market innovative solutions for Space exploration. 




Goonhilly provides access to all types of satellite from commercial geostationary communications satellites to low earth orbit (LEO) earth observation (EO) satellites, from the International Space Station to lunar and deep space communications.




Safran Data Systems' Satellite Tracking Ground Stations are recognized, worldwide, as reference solutions by new space actors, space agencies, commercial imagery and defense communities. They are the most advanced and reliable solutions for performing satellite operations.




The people behind Satlab have since the beginning of the CubeSat era in 2003 been working with designing and building micro- and nano-satellites. The main focus in Satlab is development of state-of-the-art SDR subsystems for micro- and nano-satellites along with more traditional hardware based transceivers for TT&C and Data.



Advice for Buying a Ground Satellite Station

After reading the above, you should know how to find a ground satellite station supplier. If you need to buy a ground satellite station, then it is recommended that you choose an experienced ground satellite station manufacturer.

Newstar is your best choice. We have been supplying and producing high-quality ground satellite stations to customers in various countries around the world. Our products with high quality and stable performance are worth your purchase.

If you are interested in our ground satellite station products, then you can contact us and let our professional engineers explain detailed parameters and quotations for you!

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