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Everything you need to know about C-band satellite dishes

Newstar                         2022-11-03

c band satellite dish

What is a C Band Satellite Dish?

C-band refers to the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum allotted for satellite transmissions in the 4GHz to 8GHz frequency range. C-band satellite antennas are used frequently in areas of the world where signals can become degraded due to heavy rain or other intense climate-related conditions.


What is a C-band Satellite Dish Used For?

Direct SatTV normally is provided to customers in the KU band as this has the advantage of smaller dishes. C-band mainly can receive special transmission - here in Europe you can get Korean Thai and many international providers, but SES or Astra the main entertainment TV providers are in the KU band with European coverage.

C-band is used for reporting vehicles or program exchange links or point-to-point connections between studios or to provide programming from studios to the transmitters. Also, special data communication is possible in C band (e.g. power grid info).


What Are the Advantages of Using a C-band Satellite Dish over Ku Band?

Because of their higher power, Ku band satellites (vary in size from 2′ to 5′ in diameter) are generally smaller than C band satellites. the power of uplinks and downlinks can be increased as needed. users with a C-band system in place can retrofit for Ku-band use


Is a C Band Satellite Dish Still Useful for Focusing Signals in the UHF Range?

Yes, you can use it, but it is important to note that for a given size parabolic dish the gain is less at lower frequencies than at higher ones. At the C band, the gain will be around 38 dB, at UHF the gain will be around 20 dB, which is comparable to that achieved with a large Yagi beam antenna system. Mounting it high enough to take advantage of height gain is much harder than for the Yagi, due to the weight and wind resistance.

Here in Ireland people used to erect huge mesh parabolic dishes on hilltops to pick up British UHF TV signals before the advent of satellite TV.



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