Why China Earth Station Antenna Manufacturers Are Increasingly Popular


With the increasing development of communication, Internet, broadcasting and other industries, there is an increasing demand for high-quality communication products and antenna products. Choosing the right earth station antenna manufacturer can bring greater cost-effectiveness, which is of great benefit to the work in the coverage area.


Well-know earth station antenna manufacturer


  • CPI Satcom &Antenna Technologies Division

    CPI is a leading end-to-end supplier of terrestrial satellite communication products, providing high-quality earth station antennas; automatic tracking data link antennas for land, sea and air; high-precision science and satellite terminal services.

  • Eutelsat

    Eutelsat is a leading manufacturer of commercial satellite antenna business, providing various types of satellite antennas, including earth station antennas. Established in 1977, years of operation have made them an experienced commercial satellite antenna operator. The scope of services covers many countries around the world, with multiple offices in the United States.

  • Kratos

    Kratos develops and applies transformative and affordable technologies, platforms, and systems for customers, allies, and commercial enterprises related to U.S. national security. Kratos focuses on unmanned systems, satellite communications, and network security. The company was supplemented by ASC Signal Corporation (ASC), which broadened the depth of Kratos antenna system solutions.

  • Viasat

    Viasat is a global communications company with many years of experience and technology in the field of antennas, and is a top-tier earth station antenna manufacturer. Can provide first-class antenna solutions. Can meet a series of needs of government and commercial organizations.

  • C-COM

    C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of commercial-grade, all-electric, self-directing mobile antennas (iNetVu®) to provide broadband Internet to remote areas.

    C-COM has been developed for use in all major satellite frequency bands (Ka, Ku, C and X bands), size (from 75cm to 2.4M) and various formats (Driveaway, Flyaway, earth station antennas, etc.).

  • Global Skyware

    Global Skyware is the only supplier that provides various antennas and outdoor electronic products (DTH, consumer broadband, VSAT, enterprise).

    Skyware Global, formerly Raven Group, Ltd., is one of the world's largest consumer broadband and VSAT antenna suppliers. The company has been operating as a subsidiary of Satellite Holdings, LLC since 2008.


China's earth station antenna manufacturers are developing rapidly

Although there are many options for earth station antennas, many people are hesitant to buy earth station antennas.

The price of satellite antennas is increasing every year. Although the price itself is too high compared to the previous price, what is worse is its continuous growth rate: in the past ten years, the price of many antennas has risen a lot. Even today, the price point has not faded. Usually, we do not see low-cost and high-quality satellite antennas.

For some small businesses or individual consumers, the current price of earth station antennas is unacceptable. Major manufacturers have now shifted production to low-cost China, but prices still show no downward trend. Subsequently, with the rapid development of China's earth station antenna brand, it quickly entered the satellite antenna market.

Maybe someone is worried about the quality assurance of satellite antennas produced by Chinese manufacturers? Can it achieve the desired effect, etc.?

Do not worry. Most of China's satellite antenna manufacturers have introduced the world's most advanced chips and technologies through the R&D and manufacturing of domestic teams. Reduce production costs and labor costs. Compared with other similar brands, the price can be discounted several times when the quality is guaranteed. Very suitable for ordinary people to buy. It is also possible to fill the gaps in this type of market.


Advantages of choosing Chinese manufacturers

  • Reduce manufacturing costs

    China is known as the world's processing factory, and the cost of manufacturing in China is very low. Management fees, training fees and welfare fees for Chinese manufacturers. It is the lowest in the world. Is the first choice for global brand companies

  • Terror production capacity

    Chinese factories produce goods for the global economy. Their manufacturing capabilities are far beyond the imagination of the people of the world. Workers in Europe and the United States work up to 8 hours a day, while China works an average of 12 hours a day. You can guarantee to produce the goods you need in the shortest possible time.

  • Strict quality assurance

    The products produced by Chinese manufacturers can be said to be better than those produced by manufacturers in other countries. This will be recognized by consumers all over the world.


The development trend of China's satellite antenna

According to the current trends in communications and antennas, the demand for satellite antennas will increase, and the demand will increase year by year. More Chinese brand earth station antennas are also needed. Choosing to cooperate with Chinese earth station antenna manufacturers will be an inevitable trend in the future.


How to find a Chinese earth station antenna manufacturer

This top earth station antenna company is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China. It is a fast-growing advanced Newstar brand, manufacturer of C-band earth station antennas, Ka-band earth station antennas, Ku-band earth station antennas, drive away satellite antennas and flyaway satellite antennas. As a manufacturer of professional earth station antenna products, our highly integrated capabilities aim to provide our customers with fast response, high capacity, high quality and OEM/ODM services. Low-cost earth station antenna solutions include customization.

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