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Best X-Band Ground Stations for Sale 2023

Newstar                         2023-03-08

X Ground Station

Are you looking for the best x-band ground station? As a professional ground station manufacturer, we can provide you with various specifications of ground station systems. Newstar's X-band ground stations are affordable, low-maintenance and autonomous and are currently sold in various countries.


What is X Ground Station

The x ground station is a technical system for receiving, processing, archiving, and distributing various remote sensing satellite data. It consists of a ground receiving station and a ground processing station, and mainly solves the problem of satellite vertex tracking.

The ground receiving station consists of large parabolic reflector and sub-reflector antennas and tape drives. The main task is to search and track satellites, and receive and record satellite remote sensing data, telemetry data, and satellite attitude data. The antenna has global hemisphere tracking capability in multiple bands (generally X-band or S-band) and is an azimuth tilt installation with an automatic tilt mechanism to solve the tracking problem of satellite vertex tracking.


X Band Ground Station for Sale Online

Newstar ground stations offer excellent performance, both for stand-alone reception and for satellite communication transceivers, both providing high performance. The antenna panel components are precision-formed panels, which are produced in molds, with uniform size, stable batch performance, and can be replaced if damaged.

With an innovative modified offset feed design, it achieves high gain, low noise temperature, higher antenna performance and good noise and microwave interference rejection.

The panel is supported by a galvanized Az/El column mount, which perfectly achieves the strength required for antenna pointing and tracking accuracy. The columns are designed for full track arc coverage and can be installed on the ground and on the roof.


Newstar X-Band Ground Station Product Features

X Band Ground Station for Sale Online

Newstar X-Band Ground Station Product Features

  • Meets CCIR 580 and INTELSAT requirements
  • High-precision alloy aluminum main surface
  • Electro-galvanized, exterior white paint
  • Linear/Circular Polarization Switchable Feed
  • High RF performance
  • Stainless steel hardware and galvanized parts
  • Multiple Antenna Feed Band Options
  • Implementing a rotating base Ka-band antenna
  • Multiple anti-corrosion treatments



  • L, S, X, Ku, Ka-band
  • Customized feeds according to customer requirements
  • Extended C round 800MHz available
  • De-icing system: feed blowing rain and electric de-icing system
  • Polarization: Linear or circularly polarized feed
  • ODU support kit


Antenna Accessories

  • Factory test and report
  • Sea/air shipping packaging
  • Antenna foundation
  • Grounding kit, cable installation kit


Main Applications of X Ground Station

It is widely used by broadcasters, service providers, GSM operators, satellite operators, military and government agencies, and freelance or relief organizations.

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