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What is a Vast Antenna, the Ultimate Guide for 2023

Newstar                         2023-03-08

What is a Vast Antenna

What is a Vast Antenna

Technically, VSAT refers to any two-way satellite ground mounted or a stabilized maritime VSAT antenna with an antenna (dish) that is smaller than 3 meters; people generally use the term VSAT to refer to any two-way satellite Internet terminal that is not a teleport Earth Station.


What Are the Categories of Vast Antennas

VSAT antennas can be vehicle mounted, maritime stabilized, fixed, or portable.


The Main Application of Vast Antenna

VSAT antennas are widely used in news, meteorology, civil aviation, civil air defense, banking, petroleum, earthquake and military departments, as well as communications in remote areas.


The System Composition of Vast

The VSAT satellite communication system consists of two parts: space and ground.

Space part

The space part of the space VSAT satellite communication system is the satellite, generally using the geostationary orbit communication satellite, the satellite can work in different frequency bands, such as C, Ku, and Ka frequency bands. The transmit power of the transponder on the satellite should be as large as possible to keep the antenna size of the VSAT ground terminal as small as possible.

Ground part

The ground part of the ground VSAT satellite communication system consists of a central station, a remote station, and a network control unit. The function of the central station is to collect the data from the satellite and then distribute the data to each remote station. The remote station is the main body of the satellite communication network. VSAT satellite communication network is composed of many remote stations, the more these stations, the lower the cost of each station. Generally, the remote station is directly installed at the user's place and connected to the user's terminal equipment.


What Are the Main Communication Features

The reason why the VSAT antenna has achieved such rapid development is that in addition to the advantages of general satellite communication, it has the following two main characteristics:

1. Simple operation and easy installation

all solid-state, small in size, low in power consumption, and easy to install. VSAT usually only has two chassis, outdoor unit and indoor unit. It occupies a small area and requires low installation environment. It can be directly installed at the user's place (such as installed on the roof or even on the balcony of the home).

Because the device is light and maneuverable, it is especially convenient to establish mobile satellite communication.

According to international practice, the satellite communication system is divided into two parts: the space segment (radio wave transmission communication and communication satellites) and the ground segment.

The ground segment also includes a ground transceiver system and a ground extension circuit. Because the VSAT can be installed at the user terminal, it does not need to be connected and relayed, and can be directly connected to the communication terminal, and can be controlled by the user, and the ground extension circuit is no longer required. In this way, it is very convenient for users, and the price is cheap, so it has obvious economic benefits.


2. the networking mode is flexible and diverse.

In the VSAT system, the network structure is usually divided into three types: star, mesh and hybrid, each of which has its own characteristics: the star network consists of a main station (the hub station in the central city) and several VSAT small stations. (remote station).

The main station has a larger diameter (usually 11-18 meters) antenna and larger transmission power, and the network microcomputer control system is generally concentrated in the main station, which can simplify the small station equipment as much as possible and reduce the cost.

In addition to being responsible for general network management, the master station also undertakes the reception and transmission of information between each VSAT small station, that is, it has a control function.



The development of VSAT satellite communication network to broadband service is an inevitable trend, which has the promotion of data audio and video broadcasting, computer satellite broadband interactive access, audio and video conferencing and other services; and VSAT satellite communication network for these services is also increasingly It tends to merge to form a unified broadband VSAT communication network.

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