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The Best Vehicle Satellite Antenna for Sale in 2023

Newstar                         2023-03-08

Choosing the best vehicle satellite antenna can be difficult because there are so many factors to consider. We did a lot of research to recommend the best vehicle satellite antenna products for 2023.

If you need to buy vehicle satellite antenna in bulk, then this article will help you. Check out our buying guide for all the information you need to make the best choice!


1.2m C-band Vehicle Antenna
1.2m Ku Wave Vehicle Antenna
1.8m C-band Vehicle Antenna
1.8m Ku Wave Vehicle Antenna
2.4m C-band Vehicle Antenna
2.4m Ku-band Vehicle Antenna



1. Meets or exceeds CCIR 580 and INTELSAT requirements

2. Offset antenna;

3. Light weight, small volume, high accuracy, high strength;

4. High gain, Low sidelobe, high G/T rate;

5. Hot-dipped zinc processed Antenna mount, with strong corrosion resistant ability;

6. Easy to assemble or disassemble.




FAQ for Buying Vehicle Satellite Dish

Q1. Can you give me a discounted price?

A: Since satellite communication products are not ordinary products, the discount is relatively small. If you buy a larger quantity, we can give a proper discount price.


Q2. How can I get samples?

A: Because our product is an industrial type antenna, the cost is relatively high, so customers need to pay for the samples and bear the freight by themselves.


Q3. How do you handle after sales service?

We can send engineers to customers for on-site training to help antenna users install and debug antenna systems. We provide our customers with training in satellite communication integrated systems.


Q4. What is the payment term?

A: Usually, we prefer T/T. However, it is open for discussion.


Q5. What is the lead time for production?

A: 1) If we have the product you requested in stock, we will arrange the shipment after receiving the negotiated payment,

2) If the requested product needs to be produced, we will deliver it according to the negotiated date.

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