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The Advantages for Satellite Communication


The Advantages for Satellite Communication

With its advantages of wide coverage and being unaffected by geographical conditions, satellite communication complements earth communication systems and is widely used in areas where earth communication systems are not easily covered or where construction costs are too high. The advantages of satellite communications are as followed:

Wide coverage and long communication distance

The microbeam of a geostationary communication satellite can cover 40% of the earth's surface and can provide direct communication between two earth stations 17,000 kilometers apart.

Wide communication frequency band and Large communication capacity

The communication capacity of a satellite can reach thousands or even tens of thousands of telephones, and can transmit high-resolution photos and other information.

High transmission quality

Satellite communication is not affected by natural conditions such as terrain and features, and is not easily affected by natural or human interference and changes in communication distance.,so the satellite communication is stable and reliable.


Satellite communication can not only be used as a long-distance communication trunk between large earth stations, but also can provide communication for small mobile terminal stations of airborne, shipborne and ground forces. It can quickly establish communication with all directions as needed Extend the communication network to a new area within a period of time, or quickly restore communication in areas where communication facilities are damaged.

Good commnucation quality and Strong survivability

Good commnucation quality and Strong survivability

The cost of satellite communications is independent of the specific distance.

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