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How to Choose a Reliable Satellite Antenna Product?

Jackie Dong                         2022-08-11

How to choose a reliable satellite antenna prodcut? Firstly, please know about below that how Newstar will do for customers:

Summer is a hot season, especially for those who work outdoors. 
Although the weather is hot, in order to deliver the trouble-free products to customer, Newstar workers stick to the attitude of "serious and responsible" assembling the antenna for performance test before delivery in spite that the product is mature in the market. This kind work avoids any possibilities of product problems during customer's installation site.
The installation work of earth station antennas is easy for customers who have SATCOM background, but it is complicated and unpredictable work for those who managed it for the first time. To reduce customers' doubts or concerns about the product, delivering high-performance and qualified products is the first step for customers to step into the smooth implementation of the project. Therefore, each set bigger antennas with diameter more than 4.5m will be tested before ex-factory. For batch products delivery, Newstar will conduct sampling test to check all are qualified. 
For the customers who are new to the earth station antennas, Newstar can held video meeting for online training. If necessary, Newstar will send engineers to customer's site for installation work guiding. 
Newstar not only manufacturing required products for customers, but also provide system integration services. 
If you wanna to develope satellite service business or build your own earth stations, welcome to contact +86 13720424228 to know more for professional advices.
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