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Basic knowledge of satellite communication 2

Jackie Dong                         2022-01-28

One-way satellite communication

In one-way satellite communication, the communication usually takes place between either one or multiple earth stations through the help of a satellite.

The communication takes place between the transmitter on the first earth satellite to the receiver which is the second earth satellite. The transmission of the signal is unidirectional. Some common one-way satellite communication is:

  • Position location services are provided by the radio
  • Tracking is a part of space operations services
  • Internet services take place with broadcasting satellites

Following is the figure which explains the one-way satellite communication:


Two-way Satellite Communication

In two-way satellite communication, the information is exchanged between any two earth stations. It can be said that there is a point to point connectivity.

The signal is transmitted from the first earth station to the second earth station such that there are two uplinks and two downlinks happening between the earth stations and the satellite.

Following is the figure of the two-way satellite communication:

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