Antenna Controller
Newstar is one of the largest flyaway antenna manufacturers in China. Our flyaway antennas are made of carbon fiber and aluminum reflective materials. The flyaway antennas are available in C-band, X-band, Ku-band and Ka-band, including 0.75m, 1m, 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.4m sizes.
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Antenna Controller

WTK30 Antenna Control and Drive Equipments

Factory Price, OEM, ODM
  1. Double DC motors  anti-backlash pulse width adjusting speed drive

  2. True color LCD touch-screen displaying operation

  3. 4U×480 standard cabinet

  4. Position display resolution 0.001° RMS

  5. Tracking accuracy 1/10 half-power beamwidth RMS

  6. Antenna control mode: manual control position, manul control speed, preset position, preset satellite, step tracking, automatic searching

  7. Store and calculate the satellites antenna position  

  8. Stow and lock azimuth control

  9. Ⅲ class limit switch,fault self-diagnosis&protection,record

  10. Remote control interface:RS485/RS232 optional,internet interface is optional

  11. Built-in 70Mhz tracking demodulator is optional

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Main Functional Characteristics

● Double DC motors  anti backlash pulse width adjusting speed drive

● True color LCD touch -screen displaying operation

● 4U×480 standard cabinet

● Position display resolution 0.001° RMS

● Tracking accurancy 1/10 half power beamwidth RMS

● Antenna control mode: manual control position, manul control speed, preset position, preset satellite, step tracking, automatic searching

● Store and calculate the satellitesantenna position  

● Stow and lock azimuth control

●  class limit switch,fault self-diagnosis&protection,record

● Remote control interface:RS485/RS232 optional,internet interface is optional

● Built-in 70Mhz tracking demodulator is optional


For servo control and double motor anti backlash drive of rotary mode or full motion GEO satellite antenna or ground microwave antenna

WTK30 Antenna Control and Drive Equipments
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