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How to point antenna to satellite?

Jackie Dong                         2022-01-28

how to porin antenna to satellite

The antenna alignment refers to the process of adjusting the AZ (azimuth), EL (elevation) and Pol (polarization) angles of antenna to enable the center of beams to point to the target satellite, which lays a foundation for the earth station antenna to conduct access validation and daily business transmission.  Therefore, the precise antenna alignment  to the target satellite can ensure the earth station become stable and reliable.

The alignment can be done by the antenna users themselves or with the aid of satellite operator.

For Rx/o antenna, the user can throught watching the signal strength and quality data shown on the digital satellite TV receivers to judge whether the antenna has been aligned to satellite. 

For VSAT ground satation


1) Calculate the azimuth and elevation angle of the antenna based on the local longitude, latitude and the satellite longitude ;

2) Drive antenna to the calculated Az/El angle through observing compass;

3) Drive antenna for the roughly satellite positioning;

4) Adjust the azimuth and elevation angle repeatedly with the help of spectrum analyzer for the precise satellite positioning.

A. Transmit the unmodulated single carrier wave (CW) based on the designated power from the frequency point designated by the ground operation center of satellite operator;

B.Guided by the engineer of the ground operation center with satellite operator, fine-tune the azimuth and elevation angle of the antenna to get the strongest signal of the unmodulated single CW into the ground control center.

C.Lock in on the antenna and finish the alignment.

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