Newstar can supply Satellite communication power amplifiers, Radar power amplifiers, and Ultra-wideband power amplifiers, and the frequency covers S band, X band, C band, KU band, DBS band, Ka-band, and Q/V band with customized power.

C band 25W BUC

NS-CMINI-25 C band amplifier 
C  band BUC 25W
Output power 44dBm
Tx frequency 5.850 - 6.425 GHz, 5.850 - 6.725 GHz (Extended frequency)
IF 950 - 1525 MHz, 950 - 1825 MHz (Extended frequency)
Small signal gain 70dB
Gain flatness ≤3 dB /575 MHz, ≤4 dB /875 MHz
Attenuation control 0-20dB,step  0.1dB
Third order intermod. -25dBc
Spurious -55dBc
Input/Output VSWR 1.5:1/1.35:1
Power consumption 160W
Weight 5Kg
    Phase noise -65dBc/Hz @100Hz
-75dBc/Hz @1KHz
-85dBc/Hz @10KHz
-95dBc/Hz @100KHz
External reference 10MHz,0±5dBm
    Interface IF, external reference input: N-50K (F-75K optional)
Output: Waveguide BJ-70 corresponds to flange FDM70 (N-50K optional)
Power supply: aviation socket
Monitoring: Aviation socket (Ethernet port)
Supply voltage +36 ~ +72 VDC(85 ~ 265 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz  optional)
Operating temperature -40℃~+60℃
Humidity 0~100% ( condensing)
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