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9m satellite dish antenna

9m Satellite Dish for Sale Online

Newstar is a satellite antenna manufacturer from China. We can customize and sell 9m satellite dishes for you to meet your project needs. Our 9m satellite dish can be used in C-band, Ku-band, or C and Ku-band configurations.

Newstar 9m satellite dishes are suitable for a wide range of applications including wireless telecommunication service providers, internet service providers, system operators, and broadcasters around the world.


9m Antenna Product Features

  • Antenna aperture: 9m
  • Reflector type: Ring focus
  • Surface accuracy (RMS): ≤0.5 mm
  • Panel QTY: 12 pcs
  • Panel material: Aluminum
  • Panel Surface treatment: Compressed by aluminum, degreased and based with yellow zinc paint and finished with antirust white paint
  • Steel parts surface treatment: Primer base + hot sprayed paint+ anti-rust finish paint
  • Azimuth travel: 0°~360°
  • Elevation travel: 5°~90°
  • Polarization travel: ±90°
  • Drive mode: AZ/EL/Pol motorized or manual available
  • Mount type: El over Az, single pole


9m Rx/tx Antenna Characteristics:

✔ Meets or Exceeds CCIR 580 and INTELSAT requirements;

✔ Meets INTELSAT, ASIASAT, and CHINASAT network access requirements; 

✔ Ring-focus designed;

✔ High gain, low sidelobe, High G/T rate;

✔ Hot-dip zinc processed Antenna mount, with strong corrosion-resistant ability;

✔ 2-port or 4-port optional; 

✔ Reasonable structure and easy operation.

9m Rx/tx Antenna Standard Configuration:

Main reflector, sub-reflector, sub-reflector support, back support frame, kingpost, feed, solid wretch, foundation kit, and standard component. 


9m Rx/tx Antenna Optional Parts:

BUC, LNB, Modem, spectrum analyzer, moving foundation, de-icing equipment, BUC fix bracket, servo control system, motorized polarization, 4-port feed, lightning protection device, installation tools, cable, and connector. 



9m Satellite Antenna Product Line for Sale Online

3.7m C, Ku-Band Rx Only Satellite Antenna

9m C, Ku-Band Rx Only Satellite Antenna

3.7m DBS/X-Band Rxtx Satellite Antenna

9m DBS/X-Band Rxtx Satellite Antenna

3.7m Ku Band Satellite Communication Antenna

9m Ku Band Satellite Communication Antenna

3.7m Parabolic Satellite Dish Antenna

9m Parabolic Satellite Dish Antenna

3.7m Parabolic Earth Station Satellite

9m Parabolic Earth Station Satellite

3.7m Fixed Earth Station Antenna

9m Fixed Earth Station Antenna


Professional 9m Satellite Antenna Manufacturer

Newstar, established in 2008, provides microwave wireless converged communication network solutions including satellite communication antenna R&D, production supply, system integration, installation, commissioning, training and operational services to ISP’s (Internet Service Providers), broadcasters, satellite network operators and system integrators.

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