C band & Ku Band Antenna
OEM service can be provided,12months warranty
C band & Ku Band Antenna

4.5m Professional TVRO Antenna

Factory Price, OEM, ODM

Antenna diameter: 4.5m

Antenna type: Prime focus

Antenna weight: 1200kg ( motorized)

Material: aluminum panels that thickness ≥1.5mm

Antenna Kingpost: El over Az

RMS: ≤ 0.5 mm

Antenna travel range:

AZ: 360°( manual ); ±65°(Motorized)EL: 0°~90°  Pol: ±90°

Antenna drive mode: Manual or Motorized

Panel treatment: Compressed by 1.5mm 3003-O aluminum, degrease and based with primer paint and finished with anti rust white paint

Steel parts: Sand blasting and hot dip galvanized processing firstly, then primer paint and final white paint processing.


4.5m TV antenna characteristics

High gain, low sidelobe, high polarization identification rate;

High precision reflector accuracy;

Prime focus and ring focus are optional;

C Band and Ku Band optional;

Modern design,convenient and fast installation & adjustment

Steel parts all through hot dip galvanized processing,with strong anti-corrosion stability;

Stainless steel standard component. 

4.5m TV antenna standard configuration 

Main reflector, feed and feed support, hub, back support frame, kingpost, foundation template and standard component. 

4.5mTV antenna optional parts

LNB, controller, drive unit, limit switch, motorized polarization, moving foundation, lightning rod and wire.

1.8m Ka band VSAT antenna
1.8m Ka band VSAT antenna
1.8m Ka band VSAT antenna
4.5m tv antenna view 1
4.5m tv antenna view 2
4.5m tv antenna side 3 

RF specifications

Model NS-SECR-450
Operating Frequency GHz C band Ku band
  Receive Receive
  Standard: 3.625~4.2 Extended: 3.4~4.2 Standard: 10.95~12.75 Extended: 10.7~12.75
Antenna gain dBi ≥43.5+20lg(f/4) ≥53.59+20lg(f/12.5)
Polarization Linear Circular Linear
Cross Pol differentiate,dB ≥25 ≥30
-3dB Beamwidth, Mid-Band 1.137° 0.381°
VSWR 1.25 1.25
Antenna Noise Temperature 35°K@10° 49°K@10°
Interface WR229G WR-75 
General Sidelobe Envelope,

Mechanical specifications

Antenna diameter 4.5m
Antenna type Prime focus
Antenna weight 1200kg ( motorized)
Material aluminum panels that thickness ≥1.5mm 
Antenna Kingpost El over Az
RMS ≤ 0.5 mm
Antenna travel range

360°( manual ); ±65°(Motorized)
Antenna drive mode Manual or Motorized
Panel treatment Compressed by 1.5mm 3003-O aluminum, degrease and based with primer paint and finished with anti rust white paint
Steel parts Sand blasting and hot dip galvanized processing firstly, then primer paint and final white paint processing.

Environment specifications

Working wind speed 72kmph work wind speed(Hold the precision ) 97kmph work wind speed(Lower the precision )   200kmph Survival Winds(Upturned lock)
Working temperature -45℃~50℃
Humidity 95%~100%
Seismic capacity 0.3G`s horizontal, 0.15G`s vertical
Solar radiation 360BTU/h/ft²
Ice load 3cm
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