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Except the traditional ground station antennas, Newstar can supply remote sensing, telementry antennas with different structures. If you have any questions, you can contact our professional team immediately to get the best solution.
Customized Product

1.8m QV satellite communication antenna

Factory Price, OEM, ODM
  1. Antenna diameter: 1.8m;

  2. Mount type: AZ/EL;

  3. Travel range: AZ continuous 0~180°, EL continuous 5°~90°;

  4. Main reflector R.M.S: better than 0.18mm (RMS);

  5. Subreflector R.M.S: better than 0.1mm (RMS)


Antenna Function

a. Receive satellite downlink Q band signal;
b. Transmit satellite V band signal;
c. Manual control and step tracking function;
d. Have complete and reliable security measures and work instruction measures;
e. With parameter configuration, equipment status collection, and automatic reporting functions;
f. With local control and remote control capabilities
Provide test and measurement interface for an antenna RF system.

Electrical Performance

a. Working frequency:
Tx: 46~51.5GHz
Rx: 37GHz~42.5GHz
b. Polarization mode: Rx is LHCP and Tx is RHCP.
c. Withstand power: each transmitting port is not less than 100W continuous wave.
d. Antenna noise temperature (LNA input port, ambient temperature 23℃, clear sky, breeze, elevation angle≥30 degrees): ≤150K
e. Sidelobes characteristics:
First sidelobe≤-14dB (AZ)
≤-14dB (EL)
f. Far sideobes conform to ITU-RS.580-4;
g. Antenna gain:
Tx: G≥55.94+20log (f(GHz)/48)dBi (feed input port)
Rx: G≥54.36+20log (f(GHz)/40)dBi (LNA input port)
h. Axial ratio: ≤1.5dB
i. Port isolation: Rx-Tx ≥ 85dB in Rx band, Rx-Tx ≥ 85dB in Tx band;
j. VSWR input/output: ≤1.5: 1.
k. Interface:
Tx: BJ500 (Feed input port with sealing ring)
Rx: BJ400 (Feed output port with sealing ring)

Mechanical Perfoemance

a. Antenna diameter: 1.8m;
b. Mount type: AZ/EL;
c. Travel range: AZ continuous 0~180°, EL continuous 5°~90°;
d. Main reflector R.M.S: better than 0.18mm (RMS);
Subreflector R.M.S: better than 0.1mm (RMS)

Environmental Adaptability

a. Equipment:
Outdoor: working temperature: -30~+55℃; storage temperature:-55~+75℃;
Indoor:working temperature:0°C~+40°C;storage temperature:- 50°C~+70°C;
b. Humidity requirement: relative humidity of outdoor equipment≤99%(homeothermy);
c. Wind resistance capacity of equipment: Level 10 can work, level 12 can not be damaged;
d. Equipment three-proof requirements: have the ability to prevent rain, water, mist, salt spray corrosion, and sand and dust;
e. Rain-resistant conditions: Rainfall ≤30mm/hr, it should work normally
f. Seismic requirements: resist 8 magnitude earthquake without damage;
g. Other environmental requirements: Waterproof, anti-acid and alkali, and anti-corrosion capabilities.
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