Flyaway Antenna
Newstar is the largest flyaway antenna manufacturer in China. Our flyaway antennas are made of carbon fiber and aluminum reflective materials. The flyaway antennas are available in C-band, X-band, Ku-band and Ka-band, including 0.75m, 1m, 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.4m sizes.
Flyaway Antenna

1.2m Ku Band Automatic Flyaway Antenna

Factory Price, OEM, ODM
  1. Antenna diameter: 1250 × 1100 mm (with 6 panels in whole)

  2. Antenna type: Modified double offset Gregorian antenna

  3. Material: Carbon fiber

  4. Antenna weight: ≤26.5Kg(Host:22.2Kg, Reflector:4.28Kg, include LNB, without BUC)

  5. Antenna package: 795 × 518 × 310 mm

  6. Antenna travel range AZ EL Pol: ±220° 10°~ +90° (factory preset)   ±95°

  7. Antenna drive mode: Automatic( Manual is available)


1.2m Ku band automatic flyaway  antenna characteristics

Conform with Intelsat, Eutelsat Requirements;

Carbon fiber reflector, high strength, light weight;

Good cross polarization, low sidelobe, high efficiency;

Convenient and quick dismounting& adjustment;

Without tools, assembly & pointing star, in 3 minutes;

6 Pieces panel, narrow&light in collection;

Adopt the "Three-proof " measures, modern production process, meet various field work environment;

1.2m Ku band automatic flyaway antenna optional parts

BUC, LNB, Modem, soft waveguide.

1.2m Ku band automatic flyaway antenna 

1.2m Ku automatic flyaway antenna view 1
1.2m Ku automatic flyaway antenna view 2
1.2m Ku automatic flyaway antenna view 3

RF specifications

Model NS-FA-120
  Operating Frequency GHz Ku band
  Receive Transmit
  10.95~12.75 13.75~14.5
Antenna gain dBi ≥41.6+20log(f/12.5) dBi ≥42.8+20log(f/14.25)
Polarization Linear
XPD, dB(on axis ) Offset 1dB ≥35 ≥31
Port isolation Rx-Tx 85dB
  Tx-Rx 35dB
VSWR 1.25:1 1.25:1
Interface WR-75
Sidelobe Envelope 29-25logθ dBi (1.5°<θ<20°)

Mechanical specifications

Antenna diameter 1250 × 1100 mm (with 6 panels in whole)
Antenna type Modified double offset Gregorian antenna
Material Carbon fiber
Antenna weight ≤26.5Kg(Host:22.2Kg, Reflector:4.28Kg, include LNB, without BUC)
Antenna package 795 × 518 × 310 mm
Antenna travel range  AZ  EL  Pol ±220° 10°~ +90° (factory preset)   ±95°
Antenna drive mode Automatic( Manual is available)

Power requirements 

Power Supply Mode Standard configuration: AC-DC(300w);Input220VAC(50~60Hz);Provide 24VDC、.5.5A for BUC
  Standard configuration: AC-DC(550w);Input220VAC(50~60Hz);Provide 48VDC、.7A for BUC
Consumption ≤68W (Peak Value without BUC)

External ports

Host Power Supply 3 Core Waterproof Aviation Plug
Control Mode Network control port:7 Core Waterproof Aviation Plug,wireless
  Hand-held terminal control port:26 core waterproof aviation plug.
BUC Power Supply Interior Power Supply
Tx/Rx N-Type Female Plug
Feed Port WR-75
One-key Self-pop-up button with a center indicator indicating the antenna state.
BUC Switch Self-locking button with a loop indicator indicating the BUC power supply

Special features

State Indicating Indicate the state of all the power supply which is convenient for trouble shooting.
BUC Monitor Real-time monitor the  BUC statement, showing the output power, 10M lock, boot state, attenuation and Auto RF output control(available for a certain set of BUC)

Environment specifications

Wind Speed Endurance Steady Wind≤50km/h(Balance Weight); Gust≤65km/h(More Balance Weight)
Temperature Endurance -25℃~+55℃
Stow Temperature Endurance -55℃~+85℃
Altitude ≤5000m
Protection Level IP56(Refer to:GB4208-2008)
Vibration Test Refer to: GJB367A-2001,GJB 150.16-86 Vertical Axis: The total root mean square value is 1.04G Transverse Axis: The total root mean square value is 0.20G Longitudinal Axis: The total root mean square value is 0.74G
Impact Test Refer to: GJB367A-2001,GJB 150.16-86 Accelerated Speed:200m/s2         Time of Pulse:11ms Count: 3Times/Opposite Direction   Wave Form: Half Sinusoid
Relative Humidity 0%~100%
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