Introduction of Portable Flyaway Antenna Application


Are you looking for a high-quality portable flyaway antenna? The portable satellite antenna is an excellent and mature product of Newstar. After long-term optimization and upgrading, our high-quality portable satellite antennas have been widely praised. Next, we will introduce the portable flyaway antenna through definition and application.


What is a portable flyaway antenna

Portable satellite antenna refers to a parabolic antenna with carbon fiber aluminum honeycomb material on the antenna surface and an effective aperture of 1.2M or less. It has the advantages of light weight, small size, easy assembly, easy disassembly, easy transportation, easy deployment, etc. It is often used as a small mobile satellite station. With satellite modems, video conference terminals, BUC and other equipment, it can realize the opening of global data and video services. An important communication method for remote conferences, telemedicine, emergency command, and disaster recovery.

Classification of portable flyaway antennas

  • According to the effective size of the antenna surface, there are three specifications of portable antennas of 0.6 meters, 0.9 meters, and 1.2 meters.
  • According to the way of finding stars, it can be divided into portable manual satellite antenna and portable fully automatic satellite antenna. Portable fully automatic satellite antennas can be divided into DVB mode and beacon mode according to the finder mode.
  • According to the number of antenna split lobes, it can be divided into quarter-lobe antenna and six-lobe antenna
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Application of portable flyaway antenna

Next we will introduce the role of portable satellite antennas.

portable flyaway antenna

Remote video conferencing, telemedicine

Many hospitals, institutions, and companies have branches or branches all over the country, and they need to communicate regularly. Therefore, some communication methods such as remote conferences and telemedicine are realized through satellite communication, and it becomes necessary to obtain each other between them. Through a complete integrated system of portable flyaway antenna, you can easily solve the long-distance communication problem

National defense and security (remote command and border communications)

In public security, border defense and other security departments, when performing tasks, they are usually in remote areas where there is no normal communication network. Portable station antennas are widely used due to their small size, fast deployment, realization of information interaction, and improvement of work efficiency.

portable flyaway antenna

Emergency communications (rescue and expedition)

When disasters such as earthquakes and fires strike, conventional ground communications are basically destroyed. The portable flyaway antenna can send and receive signals without being restricted by location, and can feed back the situation on the spot to the rescue headquarters in time. At the same time, rescuers can rush to the scene with backpacks on their backs. The flying antenna can keep in touch with the rear at any time when the rescue team is in an unfixed position to ensure that they can obtain various related intelligence information such as geology and weather, and send local information.

portable flyaway antenna

Media broadcast (event broadcast and unexpected incident interview)

In many cases, long-distance news interviews and event broadcasts require trans-horizon communication, and it is necessary to temporarily build a communication system to transmit video, data or images. At this time, the portable satellite system played a role. From the feedback of portable flyaway antennas from customers in various countries, we can see that they are all working well so far.

portable flyaway antenna

Energy Exploration Network

Like many other cases, energy areas such as oil and gas fields are usually in remote areas, such as plateaus, seas, or deserts, with variable locations and no normal network coverage. The portable flyaway antenna network can realize real-time voice and data for workers to entertain and communicate in remote areas or at sea.

Here, we have listed all the above-mentioned applications of flying antennas for your reference.


Choose the right portable satellite antenna

  1. According to the calculation of the satellite link, the required satellite bandwidth is obtained, and the appropriate antenna surface size is selected.
  2. Choose a satellite antenna of appropriate weight according to transportation conditions and staffing.
  3. According to the types of commonly used satellites, choose a fully automatic antenna with a suitable finder mode.


High-quality portable flyaway antenna

Shaanxi Newstar will be your best choice for purchasing portable flyaway antennas. We have a variety of options and any specifications you want, including earth station antennas, telemetry antennas, flying antennas, driver antennas and customized satellite antenna products. Even if there are many products, we can guarantee their quality.

As the best satellite antenna manufacturer, we hope that every transaction, no matter what product it is, can be quickly and perfectly delivered to the customer's audience. Visit our website now and contact us for the latest orders and consultations.

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