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Travelling To Guanshan Grassland
- May 14, 2018 -

In order to thank all employees for their unremitting efforts for the development of the company, to enhance the cohesion of employees, enrich the collective life, so that employees relax in the busy work, with a more full spirit and a more positive attitude to face life,to face work, In order to enhance communication and communication among colleagues,Shaanxi newstar organized the below travelling to Guanshan grassland.

Now please follow me to feel our travelling according to below beautiful pictures.

First picture,it is "Roast whole Lamp",it is very delicious,Do you want to try one piece?

Roast Whole Lamb.jpg

Second picture,it is the "Mongolian yurt",the house we lived in the travelling,it is vry comfortable,the most important is that all our four girls can live together and can talk some girl's secrets,Hahaha..

Mongolian yurt.jpg

The third picture,i need to introduce it seriously-our big boss and his four "bodyguards",dangdangdang...

Big boss and bodyguards.jpg

The last picture,it is also the most important one,because it is our family!!


At last,if you have any inquiries or demands for satellite antennas,please feel free to contact us via below emails.