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Opening Of New Plant Near City Of Xi’an For Satellite Earth Station Antenna
- Sep 22, 2017 -

In July of 2017, a new plant for production of satellite earth station antenna was set up near city of Xi’an. The factory is registered as Shaanxi Zhongxing Lianhe Communications Technology Co., Ltd. 

It has been fully occupied by orders from Startimes. The mass production is for 3.7m RO fixed antenna. The first batch was finished successfully at the end of August. 3.7m receiving only ground station antenna has quantity order in Africa market.

Sometimes our client may require reference project photos. The issue is we have plenty of  photos for production details but most of the end user can not or are reluctant to forward back pictures on the sites. Anyhow, we are doing the best to collect all resourceful soft materials to prove that we are professional.

This is one of the installation sites in South African

Special thanks to Mr. Shao, the coordinator of Startimes


This is to compare the reinforced annular beam.

Left is for previous batch, right for the new.

3.7 rx only 2.jpgDSC05334_副本.JPG

Mass production is a spectacular view of cartons and panels.



BUT when I found this DUSH(dish or satcom antenna) (╬▔︹▔) and TUO XING(New star) ( ̄? ̄), I realize there is still a lot of work to do for me to promote.


Last but the most interesting scene is the simple but festive celebration for the first batch production done.