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New-generation De-icing System
- Nov 01, 2018 -

      Newstar new-genertation de-icing system is mainly used for the heating of the parabolic antenna reflector surface and the snow removal of the feed, it ensures that the antenna's transmitting and receiving performance will not be affected by snow, ice, etc.

      The de-icing system is mainly composed of a snow removal control unit, an outdoor line-collecting unit, a reflector surface heating unit and auxiliary materials. The snow removal control unit is an indoor unit and can be mounted on a standard 19-inch rack. The reflector surface heating unit is mainly composed of heating material, heat conducting layer, heat insulating layer and waterproof layer. It can effectively keep warm in winter and prevent rainwater from penetrating. The outdoor line-collecting unit is mainly composed of an outdoor waterproof cable box and auxiliary materials, which facilitates the concentration of the reflector surface heating cable and is convenient to be introduced into the machine room. See below picture:


      The de-icing system has remote control function, the control distance can reach to 150m; The remote computer monitoring system draws the temperature profile of each area in real time, and the information can be stored periodically by the user.

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