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3.7m Satellite Vsat Antenna Project
- Dec 12, 2018 -

      Newstar3.7m satellite vsat antenna is double-correction ring focus type antenna with high performance. The antenna adopts computer optimization design and advanced manufacturing technology. Therefore, it has characteristics of high gain, low sidelobe, high polarization discrimination rate and small VSWR etc.

     The antenna main reflector is informs parabolic,  it consists of 12 pieces aluminum alloy panels; antenna sub-reflector and feed system all formed through CNC lathe processing, surface treatment used deductive anodizing,baking varnish(includes bottom paint and surface paint) ; antenna all steel structural components adopt baking varnish after hot-dip zinc processing, all standard components adopt stainless steel, it strengthens the the ability of anti-corrosion, which makes antenna life span more than 15 years.

     Below picture is 3.7m satellite vsat antenna project for European customer, please check for reference: 


Here attached the customer's feedback:


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